Feb 10, 2009

breakcore_LABS 0.2 – pork eat pork

As for continuity of the previous breakcore_labs, HONF are preparing to bring the second edition of breackcore_labs. This second edition now is in preparation stage to scheduled the event on Saturday, 14 March 2009. (Hell we wanted to make it on 11 March for supersemar!!! but it’s not on weekend). Until now HONF have confirmed several lineups forbreakcore_labs 0.2 – pork eat pork. This magnificent pictures was taken from Indonesia eating behavior. Disregarding the pictures; Geez now I’m hungry…


Visual lineups (a follow up VJ school program on YIVF#04:

HONF are now confirming the venue for breakcore_labs 0.2 – pork eat pork (Hard to get good one this days). We open this topic for everyone who has suggestion for anything or everything for the event. Anything guys? Contribution? Question? Suggestion? Dinner or Lunch? for more info please visit breakcore labs


An update after having discussion with deadmediaFM guys:>>

Q: we want stream?

A: We can!

So, stay tune with the update for streaming in deadmediaFM if you guys couldn’t be with us in physical at breakcore_LABS 2.0 – pork eat pork. Hey, at least be with us in SPIRIT!

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