Jun 24, 2010

live streaming performance art event, now 8pm (west Indonesia time)

We will have a mini live streaming Performance Art event tonight at Agung Kurniawan art studio, Kedai Kebun Forum. This event are related with Sakiko Yamoka event in Japan.

They who will be performance are M Lugas Syllabus (Jogjakarta), Made Suryadarma (Bali/Jogjakarta), Kana Fukushima (Japan), Iwan Wijono (Jogjakarta), Ding Yu Chung (Taiwan).

The performance art will be collaborate with the studio daily situation, with no special preparation as a common indoor performance art event.

If you have time, please click the links in the home page of deadmediafm… http://www.deadmediafm.org/ on 20.00 WIB (8pm West Indonesian Time), with the durations: 30 minutes.

This event was supported by: Kedai Kebun Forum, Performance Klub, House of Natural Fiber, Deadmediafm

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