May 31, 2011

Radiophonic Creation day 2011

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The inevitable change to digital radio is soon to come to Europe. This will eventually endanger a great number of local and associative radio stations (or category A and B). And yet, it is thanks to these deliberate initiatives that sparks of sound creation are born. All of these works, made for the radio, are what’s called radiophonic creation. In 2009, the association JEL invited 86 artists and radio stations from 18 countries in the world to build up a 24h programming specifically made up of radiophonic creations. This was aired on May 23rd 2009 simultaneously on 17 FM radio stations and web radios around the world. The association then produced 200 boxed sets which included a 60 page booklet presenting the project and the artists, as well as a USB key/card containing the 24h programming. This festival not only gives the chance to get an insight of what radiophonic creation sounds like today, but also to reach a wider audience of non-insiders. It is thus a way of making people aware of the cultural richness that these radio stations can bring to today’s radiophonic landscape. On the heels of the success of the last festival, JEL has decided to renew the project in June 2011.

The programming

• September 2010: a call for participation was spread out on the web through networks of sound artists, radio artists, radio stations, web radios and associations of radiophonic creation worldwide. The participants were invited to send in a sound art work of their choice, with no set topic or time limit, but on the sole condition that it was created for the radio.

• May 2011: a 24h programming is established. This year, a jury made up of 5 sound artists, specialised in 5 categories of radiophonic creation – Anthony Baron (, Emily Vallat (Radio Campus Paris), Dinah Bird (Radio10001), Julia Drouhin (Kontact sonoreS), Coraline Janvier (ResonanceFM) – chose from among the 240 artworks sent from 189 artists/radio stations from 23 countries on all 4 continents (Nigeria, Australia, Canada, Uruguay, Colombia, the USA, Roumania, Greece, South Korea, etc…). The selection for the 24h programming was made from 45 hours of sound art pieces.

• May 2010: a sound decor is created. Three sound artists (Dinah Bird, Robin Warren and Anne Laplantine) made a special sound decor for the programming so as to fill it with information and make the listening smoother.

• June 4th : an international broadcast. On the same day and at the same time, from midnight to midnight, the programming of the Radiophonic Creation Day will be aired on streaming on the website of the festival ( as well as on the FM

Radio Campus Paris : 93.9FM / Paris (fr) /
Radio Campus Renne : 88.4FM / Rennes (fr) /
Radio Campus Toulouse : 94.0FM / Toulouse (fr) /
Radio Campus Bruxelles : 92.1FM / Brussels (bel) /
TEA FM : 98.9FM / Zaragoza (esp) /
Resonance FM : 104.4FM / London (uk) /
WGXC : 90.7FM / Greene – Columbia (usa) /
CFRC : 101.9FM / Kingston (can) /
JetFM : 91.2FM / Nantes (fr) /
Kanal 103 : 103FM / Skopje (macedonia) /
Eko des Guarrigues : 88.5FM / Montpellier (fr) /
Radio HDR : 99.1FM / Rouen (fr) /
Radio Panik : 105.4FM / Brussels (bel) /
Radio Cona : 88.8FM / LJubljana (slovenia) /
Soundart Radio : 102.5FM / Totnes (uk) /
Radio Grenouille : 88.8FM / Marseilles (fr) /

RAM LIVE : Roma (it) /
Radio Cannibal Caniche : Paris (fr) /
Radio 404 : Brunoy (fr) /
Radio 1001 : Paris (fr) /
N0R73.L4B : Mexico (mx) /
DeadMedia FM : Jakarta (indonesia) /
Des Arts sonores : Lyon (fr) /
Journée de la création radiophonique : Paris (fr) /

Roma Radio Art Fair : Roma – Venezia (it) /
Jardin d’alice : Paris (fr) /
Galeria Vermelho : Sao Paulo (Brasil) / CADU Costa – 31 mai > 2 juillet 2011

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