Oct 15, 2009

(live stream) BUZZ BUMPY, October 16, 2009 at 9:20pm (GMT+7)


Hello fellas..

We’re going to have BUZZ BUMPY after all of this holly day, you’re invited and sure to come..

the fun begins

Friday, October 16 start at 8 p.m
Vino Bar, Phoenix Hotel
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.9

Will be share on the deck :


Visual by : VJ School Project
(VJ Numberone, VJ Manticore, Vj Desiree) / HONF

Oct 10, 2009

(recorded stream) A Discussion “Relation between Dance, Biology & New Media”

with : Thierry Giannarelli (France), Prof.Irfan D. Pridjambada (Indonesia) and HONF (Indonesia)

Presented by HONF and Culturel Centre Françis de Yogyakarta/LIP Jogja

Saturday, 10th October 2009 – 04.00pm
at HONF lab
Jl. Wora wari 80/6 Baciro Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Thierry Giannarelli is the choreographer of the “Compagnie l’Imparfait”. Since 1991, after neurosciences studies, Thierry Giannarelli became a dancer in the Epiphane Company, choreographer Jean Masse. Since 1997, he has worked with the “Companie l’Imparfait”, with which he created several artworks : “L’Epopée de Gilgamesh” (1997), “Dire” (1998), “Comment Wang Fo fut sauvé” (1999), “Petites Journées imaginaires” et “Ulysse et les Femmes” (2000), “L’Ombilic des Limbes”, “Pierrefeu” (2001). He created the Sensorial and Poethic Laboratory in 2002 with a partnership with the human neurobiology laboratory headed by Jean Pierre Roll (CNRS, Marseille, France), in which he created “Raccourcis d’Art” (2003), “La Chevelure en Feu, il tombe” (2005). He designed the projet “DIP – Revenir d’Absence”, in 2006, with the support of DICREAM (Ministry of Culture, France) with which he proposed several performances and workshops in France, Russia, Marocco, Turkey in 2006 and 2007. Prof. Irfan D. Pridjambada is the Chairman of the Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He earned his Ph. D. in Engineering from the Dept of Biotechnology, Fac. of Engineering from Osaka University, Japan (1996). Irfan Prijambada has also been academic staff at the Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University since 1986. In Osaka University he has been Research fellow of Post Graduate Course in Microbiology Deptartment of Fermentation Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, visiting Researcher at the Department of Material and Live Science, Faculty of Engineering, and visiting Professor at International Cooperation Center on Biotechnology.

HONF – the house of natural fiber | yogyakarta new media art laboratory Started as a young community, with various backgrounds and ideals. They want to do whatever they wish, but with a natural inclination to create by the spirit of togetherness. There is no ambition to work simply for personal profit. They create for themselves, their family, and their environment. This is the basis for the first actions and commitment between them.


Sep 10, 2009

(recorded stream): Reactable Project Presentation @ natural-fiber, 10-9-2009 6:00PM (GMT+7)

The Reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.

The instrument was developed by a team of digital luthiers (Sergi Jordà, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Günter Geiger and Marcos Alonso), working in the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona Spain. Their main activities concentrate on the design of new musical interfaces, such as tangible music instruments and musical applications for mobile devices. The reactable team was recently awarded with various prizes such as the “Ars Electronica Golden Nica”, the “Premi de la Cuitat de Barcelona 2007″ and two “D&AD Yellow Pencils” and the Icelandic singer Björk has successfully used the reactable during her last “Volta” world tour.


Sep 8, 2009

deadmediafm podcast edisi 22 – cellsbutton, breakcorelabs, & vj herbal (interview)


Cellsbutton adalah sebuah festival tahunan media art yang sudah ganjil 3 kali diadakan selama 3 tahun di kota yogyakarta.
kali ini deadmediafm mendapatkan kehormatan menjadi media partner, dan karenanya kami merasa tergelitik untuk mewawancarai konco kentel (baca : sahabat) deadmediafm bernama togar yang merupakan wakil dari House of Natural Fiber, si empunya festival cellsbutton #3. banyak sekali hal yang menarik dan inovatif yang terjadi di festival ini seperti yang diceritakan VJ Herbal, seorang partisipan cellsbutton #3 asal surabaya yang jarang pulang. kalian bosan sama demam blackberry? kalian bosan sama lomography? kalian bosan sama demam teknologi lain-lainnya yang kurang tepat guna dan tidak efektif? silahkan disimak podcast kita episode ini.

playlist kali ini:

  • Terbujur Kaku – 09 Sekar Jupun Remix+Gadis Pujaan
  • JTNB – HM
  • Racun Kota – Rock n Roll Telah Mati
  • RYBN – I.O.I.2.0.3

Untuk kompilasi breakcore_LABS kalian bisa mendownloadnya disini: breakcore_LABS_Compilation_01.zip

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